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Japan shutting down last commercial nuclear reactor


Susanne Gerber

Japan’s electricity will be nuclear-free for the first time in 42 years this Saturday when the country’s last operating commercial reactor is shut down for regular inspections.

Officials at Hokkaido Electric Power Company say they will begin reducing the power output of the Number 3 reactor at the Tomari Nuclear Power Plant at about 5 PM. They plan to stop the reactor’s generator at about 11 PM and complete the shutdown at about 2 AM on Sunday.

Power companies have submitted the results of stress tests on 19 offline reactors to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency as part of steps to restart the reactors.

Central government officials say two offline reactors at the Ohi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui Prefecture meet new safety requirements. They’re trying to get people who live nearby to agree to a restart.

But there’s no prospect of a restart of any of the country’s 50 commercial reactors.


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