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A Medium Sized ‚Nuclear War‘


Susanne Gerber

On the website of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at University of Berkley i found this anonymous posting from 2012/3/11

„More synthetic radio-nuclides have entered the global biosphere from Fukushima than from all other nuclear ‚accidents‘ and atmospheric atomic detonations combined; the ionizing radiation levels from Fukushima could more accurately be compared to that from a medium sized ’nuclear war‘. That nuclear weapons are described in terms of ‚mega-tons‘ instead of ‚mega-Curies‘ is part of the massive on-going deception surrounding all-things-nuclear since the days of Eisenhower and the AEC’s ‚peaceful atom‘ propaganda campaign. All honest scientists, including Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, knew from day one that ionizing radiation is the ultimate biological weapon, and this is how these susbstances are being used today. ONE spent fuel rod from even a non-MOX reactor contains more than enough plutonium to kill every human being on Earth. Tens or hundreds of thousands of these BURNED UP within a few days of Fukushima’s onset last March.“


Filed under: Accident, Consequences, Fukushima

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