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Plutonium Ratio


Susanne Gerber


Trace detection of plutonium in the city of Iwaki 2012/03/21 (Wed)

It has been detected (Pu-238, Pu-239, Pu-240) plutonium. Professor Masayoshi Yamamoto, Kanazawa University, Centre for Environmental Studies Japan Sea came to the result that Pu238/Pu239, assertive derived from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. In addition, Pu239, 240/Cs-137 radioactivity ratio has become 200 times the estimate of the government, as well as to distribution in plaques that contain radioactive iodine and radioactive silver.

(Comments of Dr. Yamamoto)

  • We will send the measurement results.
  • Pu is detected, and was surprised to be honest.
  • Pu is already widely in the nuclear test, are distributed at low levels.
  • With this Pu, Pu238/Pu239, 240 radioactivity ratio is about 0.03.
  • This ratio is 0.8 this is clearly high, and contains the primary origin of Pu.
  • Government estimates of emissions is 3.
  • Exposed in the fields of iron and to think and not the adhesion of Pu of nuclear testing,
  • you made me think why and what ratio is low.
  • It may also lower the ratio of Pu with 0.8 instead of all three has been released.
  • Pu239, 9.0E-5 in the ratio of radioactivity 240/Cs-137, 200 times the government estimate of 4.3E-7, Pu has been detected and many more. It seems that it is for Fractionation (difference of behavior) is present perhaps.
  • I think if you can analyze and Am-241 as well as uranium, if possible currently


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