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High Radiation More than 270km away From the Nuclear Power Plant


Susanne Gerber

The concern about radiation has not been limited to the evacuees. Two million Fukushima residents have growing concerns surrounding radiation contamination. Masks to prevent radiation from getting into their respiratory organs have been necessities for children and they were advised not to play outside. People line up to get their cultivated vegetables and food tested for radiation. Governments monitor radiation levels in the town and announce the level every day to ease concerns. The thing is that these concerns are not limited to Fukushima. High radiation levels have been detected in several places, including Tokyo, more than 270 km away from the nuclear power plant, and the nuclear contamination fears have plagued the country. Estimates for radiation cleanup range from 20-30 years, but no one knows when the pain from their tragedy can be healed. For Tomiko Ikinobu, who lives in a small temporary house with her four children, all she wants is a sense of direction. “I cannot sleep well because of concerns about me and my family’s future. Government has not given us a clear direction”, Ikinobu said. Much like the invisible radiation however, an estimate as to when the residents of Okuma will be able to return is still impossible to see.


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