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All fuel has melted through, much of it into containment vessel… So where’s the rest? (VIDEO)


Susanne Gerber

  • The fuel inside 3 reactors has melted through the bottoms of their furnaces
  • Plant operators try to identify where all the fuel has gone
  • Analysts estimate all of the fuel has melted through the furnace, much of it into the containment vessel
  • Above all, we need to know the temperature of the fuel
  • No thermometer is in place to let us know
  • Gov’t has set two conditions for declaring that the reactors are actually in cold shutdown
  • First is that the temperatures at the bottom of the reactors below 100°C
  • The other is to have greatly reduced emissions of radioactive substances
  • But if fuel has melted and reached the containment, the question arises as to the real significance of bottom temperatures of the tanks
  • The views of TEPCO is the fuel reactor was cooled. The company is indeed observed that the temperature in the containment is 40 degrees
  • The question is whether the people of Fukushima will be convinced by this argument
  • Another problem is that a temperature exceeding 100 degrees makes sense only when the vessel and the containment building were not damaged
  • The test loses its value when a reactor is damaged, which is the case at Fukushima Dai-ichi

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