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According to Satoru Tanaka, a professor of nuclear engineering at Tokyo University, “It is possible that nuclear reaction is still taking place inside the reactor,”

  • Xenon-133 has a short half-life of five days, and Xenon-135 just nine hours, meaning that they were released only recently
  • If Xenon was indeed found, “it would indicate that neutrons still exist inside the reactor, causing fissile reaction”
  • But he stressed that this by no means suggests that the fuel is in a condition of criticality
Click for full-size TEPCO handout


Xenon has been detected in the Containment Vessel of Reactor 2 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Xenon is created when there is nuclear fission.

福 島第一原発の2号機では、先月28日から格納容器の中から気体を吸い出し、フィルターを通して放射性物質を取り除く装置の運転を始めていて、この装置の出 口付近で放射性物質の種類や濃度を測定して分析しています。その結果、1日に行った分析で、核燃料のウラン235が核分裂してできる放射性物質のキセノン 133と、キセノン135が検出されたということです。

The gas management system has been operating since October 28 in Reactor 2 to suck out the gas from the Containment Vessel and filter out radioactive materials. TEPCO has been analyzing the gas to identify the nuclides and density. The analysis done on November 1 found xenon-133 and xenon-135, which are created when uranium-235 undergoes nuclear fission.


Xenon-133’s half life is 5 days. TEPCO says it could not rule out the possibility of nuclear chain reaction happening again, so the company poured water with boric acid into the reactor to suppress the nuclear chain reaction for one hour starting 3AM [on November 2].

According to the food measurement result of Citizen’s radioactivity measuring station,
not to menation,Cs-134,137 were measured,but Iodine131 was also measured from various rice samples. Since this is a private institution,their measurement result is more honest then government’s. Most of the samples were taken from 10/1~10/20/2011. This may prove Fukushima went back to recriticality state in. Even though Iodine131 remains longer than 7 days,considering it is measured from sewage sludge,soil,in Tokyo,Iwate and Saitama,it may be rational to think Fukushima goes to recriticality state on and off.



Rice from Miyagi Sample taken 2011-10-01 Measured 2011-10-23 Iodine 131 <1.92 Measurement tool AT1320A

Rice from Kawamatacho Fukushima Sample taken 2011-10-20 Measured 2011-10-26 Iodine 131 4.09±2.51 Measurement tool AT1320A

Rice from Kawamatacho Fukushima Sample taken 2011-10-20 Measured 2011-10-26 Iodine131 3.23±2.63 Measurement tool AT1320A

Rice from Kawamatacho Fukushima Sample taken 2011-10-10 Measured 2011-10-27 Iodine131 4.61±2.57 Measurement tool AT1320A


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