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This is a Call to All the Women of Japan and the World!

Susanne Gerber


This is a call to all the women of Japan and the world!

Follow in the footsteps of Fukushima’s Women!
Nationwide call to action! Join us now!
“It’s about time we break the silence!”
Women across the nation will take a stand and sit in protest!
Dates and place for the sit-in in front of METI, Tokyo
Place: Kasumigaseki, in front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade
and Industry (METI)
Address: 1-3-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
One minute walk from Kasumigaseki Station (Exit A12a), Tokyo Metro
Date: October 30 to November 5
★ Please come when you can, for lunch time, after work, for a day, for a
★ Or you may just visit us and chat with us. You are most welcome!
September 22, as Prime Minister Noda declared he would “raise Japan’s safety of
nuclear power generation to the highest level in the world” at the U.N. meeting on
nuclear safety in New York, women demonstrated outside the United Nations protesting,
“How dare you talk about nuclear safety when you cannot even protect the children of
Fukushima! Do not let the suffering of Fukushima’s people go to waste. Stop the world’s
nuclear power plants!” On the flight home, we said to each other, “We should follow in
the footsteps of the Fukushima women and gather women from across the nation to
stage a sit-in!” In spite of fact the fact the Fukushima accident is ongoing and high levels of radiation
are found in Fukushima, on September 30th the Japanese government lifted evacuation
orders in the Emergency Evacuation Preparation Zone. On October 3rd, a citizen’s

group-initiated study of 130 Fukushima children, a follow-up of an initial study
conducted this past summer, found 10 children (7.7%) with signs of change in their
thyroid functions requiring additional follow-up. In response Fukushima women have
rallied, saying,
“We shall not abandon children in this war zone drenched in invisible
“We will no longer tolerate nuclear power!”
We have heard their call and we
too, have decided to take a stand.
★ Give all children the right to evacuate!
★ Stop restart of nuclear power plants across Japan and let us live in security
✧ We are gathering fellow supporters
✧ Do not forget rain/cold protection as well as something to sit on
✧ We also welcome those who can contribute their spirit of solidarity in the cause or
those wishing to donate for participant transportation fees
Donations received at: Shut Tomari
*Japan Post Bank, postal transfer account: 02720-5-79991, donate to “Onna
Suwarikomi” (“Women’ Sit-in”)
*Japan Post Bank, regular savings deposit:
From a Japan Post Bank account 19050 15998721 “Onna Suwarikomi” ( “Women’Sit-in”)
From other banks: 908-908-1599872 “Onna Suwarikomi” ( “Women’ Sit-in”)
Tel: +81-90-2695-1937 (Izumi)
*If you wish to join the action, send a message to:
*For information on 27-29th Sep sit in organized by Fukushima Women, please check

Women calling for the sit-in (to date: October 11th)
Kaori Izumi, Shut Tomari, Fukushima no Kodomotachi wo Mamoru Kai Hokkaido (Group
to Protect Fukushima Children Hokkaido) (Hokkaido)
Taka Yamaguchi, Shimin Jichi wo Tsukuru Kai (Group for the Creation of Citizen
Self-Governance), Fukushima no Kodomotachi wo Mamoru Kai Hokkaido (Group to
Protect Fukushima Children Hokkaido)
Sayaka Funada-Classen, Associate Professor Tokyo University of Foreign Language,
Mom & Children Rescue Fukushima (Tokyo)
Kanna Mitsuta, FoE Japan (Tokyo)
Aileen Mioko Smith, Green Action (Kyoto)
Yuko Yatabe, Nadja no Fukushima Shien (Nadja’s Support for Fukushima) (Ibaraki)
Masako Yonekawa, Associate Professor Utsunomiya University, Mom & Children
Rescue Fukushima (Tochigi)
Supporters (to date: October11th)
Teruko Yoshitake Director, All Japan Women Calling for No-Nukes (Tokyo)
Kazue Suzuki, Greenpeace Japan (Tokyo)
Kiyoko Shimada, Osaka Citizens against the Mihama, Oi and Takahama Nuclear Power
Plants (Mihama-nno-Kai) (Osaka)
Eri Watanabe, FoE Japan (Tokyo)
Akiko Yoshida, FoE Japan (Tokyo)
Kumiko Sakamoto, Associate Professor, Faculty of International Studies Utsunomiya
University, Mom & Children Rescue Fukushima (Tochigi)
Yukiko Anzai, Organic farmer (Yoichi, Hokkaido)
Masuyo Tokita, Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University (Hokkaido)
Yoshiko Kobayashi, “Know Pluthermal” Shiribeshi Citizen’s Network (Kyowa-cho,
Risa Tokunaga, Lecturer,Keisen Women’s College, Tokyo University for Foreign
Languages (Tokyo)
Hatumi Ishimaru, Gennkai Nuclear Power Station Pluthermal Lawsuit Group
Akiko Ueno, Hisen Iburi (Sobetsu,Hokkaido)
Masayo Matsura, Women Who Fear Nuclear Power (Wakayama)
Yukie Tokura, Stop! Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant (Shizuoka)
Yasuko Yamaguchi, Fuemin Women’s Democratic Journal (Tokyo)
Yui Kimura, No-Nukes・Topco Shareholders Movement (Tokyo)
Shigeko Ogiso, Good Bye Kashiwazaki Kariha Nuclear Power Station

Chieko Hotta,Tomoko Tomizuka, Makiko Okamoto, Naoko Ogura,Toshiko Kobayashi,
Sae Mizukami, Akiko Oono, Yuriko Tani, Hiroko Ishigami

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