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Jodine-131 in Tokyo, Kawasaki

Susanne Gerber


However, it turned out that Iodine-131 is still found in Tokyo. Half life time of Iodine 131 is 8 days. According to Tokyo shimbun 10/18/2011, citizens in Hachioji Tokyo, where is one of the worst hot spots around in Tokyo, measured Iodine-131 from the dirt in a gutter. The gutter is in a public park. Scared citizens measured the gutter, it was 0.38 uSv/h. They took out the soil and sent to a lab on 9/30/2011. The lab published the result on 10/3/2011.

The data showed:

  • Iodine-131 = 179 Bq/Kg
  • Cs = 8,434 Bq/Kg

On 10/1/2011, I posted the article to show Iodine was measured at several different points in Japan. However, the Iodine was measured in August. Also, 10/3/2011, 32 Bq/Kg of Iodine-131 was measured in sewage sludge of Kawasaki, which is south of Tokyo.(Source) Even apart from Iodine, extremely high levesl of radiation is detected in Tokyo. (only gamma ray)10/17/2011, they measured 3.99 uSv/h at an elementary school in Adachi ku.(Source) They are even measured from tea leaves too. 10/18/2011, Tokyo local government announced they measured 550~690 Bq/Kg from tea leaves.The tea leaves were produced in Tokyo, Musashimaruyamashi, Mizuho cho, Akiruno shi. They were harvested in May. (Source)They were luckily stopped distributing ,but the national “safety limit” of 500 Bq/ Kg is lethal. Even if it’s only 10 Bq/Kg from all of your meals, 3 times a day, if you keep having it for 200 days, your body will contain 1,000 Bq. If you weigh about 60Kg, your body will be a radioactive waste of 17 Bq/Kg. This calculation is based on the most pro-nuc “safety “standard, ICRP. Before 3/10/2011, you were forbidden to take out of 4 Bq/Kg of radioactive material from lab.


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