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Strontium-90 in Yokohama City

Susanne Gerber

Strontium-90 was discovered in Yokohama City, 245 km from Fukushima I nuke plant. The number is 195 becquerels/kg, more than 150 times more than the background (1,2 becquerels/kg).

As far as the Ministry of Education is concerned, the southern most detection of strontium-90 was in Shirakawa City, 79 kilometers from the plant. The Ministry doesn’t have a plan to test for strontium or plutonium outside the 80 kilometer radius. On September 30, a government radiation expert appeared on NHK News to tell the viewers that strontium had not flown to the Tokyo Metropolitan area, and the only radionuclides people had to worry about were cesium-134 and cesium-137. In the video clip, the expert looks nervous, so does the male NHK announcer trying to wrap up his remarks. On September 30 was the day when the Ministry of Education and Science released the map of plutonium and strontium in the 80-kilometer radius from the plant. It was also the day when the Japanese government abolished the „evacuation-ready zone“ in the area between 20 and 30 kilometers from the plant.


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