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Safecast – an Alternative Use of Data

Susanne Gerber


Safecast is a global project working to empower people with data, primarily by building a sensor network and enabling people to both contribute and freely use the data we collect. Articles are contributed by volunteers, all opinions expressed are those of the author and should not be taken as official statements from Safecast.

  1. We get the data from other companies and individuals. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data or the reliability of a source.
  2. The units of measurement for radiation are not commonly understood outside of the scientific community. There are several different ways to express radiation measurements and converting between the types isn’t something we feel we ought to be doing, as we may introduce errors or interpretations.
  3. The devices used to gather radiation readings vary in capabilities and quality. Some devices do not measure certain forms of radiation. Devices require calibration for accuracy, and we do not know whether the data reported to us is coming from a properly calibrated source.

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