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Fukushima in Second Life

Susanne Gerber


ALEA FUKUSHIMA, which as the name suggests, is an interactive, 3D art installation inspired by the horror of Japan’s nuclear disaster earlier this year.

„ALEA FUKUSHIMA“ by Artistide Despres

Artistide Despres had a dream, and created an installation about the post-tsunami disaster in Northern Japan this spring. In her dream, she „met a strange guy, a kind of scientist, who was able to neutralize the radioactivity by transforming the energy into music. This is what this build is about.“ When you use the TP to go to the site, you land in front of a large poster, and indicators on the ground tell you where to walk. Sound, obviously, is a critical part of this installation, from beginning to end. As you walk from the landing site toward the build, you leave the gentle koto strums and become aware of some very active Geiger counter clicks. The landscape is a combination of pastoral and desolate, probably much as the landscape around Fukushima might be today.


More Geiger counters, some crows squawking in the distance. Then you come upon the build and enter beneath a bright green radiation symbol. People familiar with Despres‘ work will recognize the musical sculptures she has been showing recently. It took me a while to connect the sculptures and the sounds they were making with the Fukushima event. Despres is accessing real-time radioactivity data from Japan and using it to control some elements of the sounds. Plus, there are while balls orbiting the perimeter of the building. The speed of their orbits also reflects the current radiation levels in the area.


Viewers are able to interact with the sound making pieces, and there is a chair that, when sat upon, takes your view to several locations around the site.


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