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Radioactive Materials Have Spewed

Susanne Gerber



Tokyo Electric Power Co. was struggling to determine the cause of the highest radiation levels detected at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant since the disaster started March 11. The fact that such high levels of radiation were detected near piping connected to the outer atmosphere is further evidence that radioactive materials have spewed from the crippled reactors at much higher levels than previously believed. It is possible similar high levels of radiation may be found on the plant grounds. The extremely high level of radiation was detected when workers were testing for radiation near the piping after rubble had been cleared away. A further test on Aug. 1 found radiation levels of 10 sieverts per hour on the outside of piping that connects to the main exhaust tower. Because that level of radiation was detected on the outside of the piping, the level inside the piping could be even higher.


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