power – strom und macht

Mother Nature

Susanne Gerber


The U.S. appears to have been prepared for every type of threat from terrorists to its nuclear facilities except the assaults which can be inflicted by Mother Nature. Nature is sending a message loud and clear- and we wonder if anybody in the world is listening? The series of mishaps this month is enough to make one wonder who’s really in charge- man or nature. This month, lightning strikes shut down both the High Flux Reactor in Tennessee and the Dominion North Ana plant in Virginia. The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant in Omaha is under threat from flooding this week in the Midwest and now the Los Alamos nuclear facility in New Mexico is under siege from wildfires. As the March 9.0 earthquake in Japan showed us, the world is ill-equipped to contain and protect the public at large from the dangers of a disaster at these nuclear facilities in the face of escalating threats from Earthchanges.


Filed under: Accident, Danger, Politics, Radiation

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